The Syrian Conflict

The Syrian Civil War has been raging on since 2011 and it has never been so frightening to the average Christian as it has been on Tuesday, April 4th. This war has been long fought and, honestly, heartbreaking. I sit here, days after the news broke, and am in tears and in shock at the horrors of what is happening to our fellow humans in Syria.

The Bible says that murder is wrong. Actually, if you were to murder someone in the times of Mosaic Law, you would be put to death. But what do we do when we see injustice? What happens when that injustice doesn’t affect us directly, but those on the other side of the globe? I feel like this is a hard question to ask and to answer. The Bible mentions that we are to help those who can’t help themselves. To look out for the innocent. The chemical attacks that were carried out by the Syrian government were wrong, there are no ifs nor buts about it.

The Syrian government crossed a line, they killed 70-80 innocent people and were seemingly in the clear, that is until President Trump heard about it. At the time of this writing, 59 Tomahawk Missiles were launched into the Syrian airbase that was responsible for these chemical attacks. This has deteriorated relations with Russia and, I fear, have escalated the situation in the Middle East.

The Middle East has always been the birthplace of prophecy and wonder. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all formed out of roughly the same geographical region. In Isaiah, he prophecies that the city of Damascus, the longest standing/inhabited city in the world, will be left in ruin. This, I fear, is going to happen in the next decade and, dare I say it, in the next five years. This is what I believe to be the beginning of the “birth pains” of Revelation. What do you think? Should we be worried? Should the USA have gotten involved? Comment!


What is normal?

What is normal? Normality is a question that most people strive to answer and I find that it is an important topic. Many of you know it is Autism Awareness and Mental Health month and normality is discussed with great strives to push a modern agenda of understanding in regards to mental health and disorder.

I’m no expert on Autism and I don’t have many friends in the spectrum. What I do know, however, is mental health and mental disability. When I got to the 4th Grade, I was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD. I then began on medication treatment for the next eight years. ADHD medication is a complicated subject as it has many different affects on many different people. When it comes to my meds, I was quiet, relatively boring, and I struggled eating. I wouldn’t eat much and I remained at 120 lbs. for most of high school. I also remained very serious and was extremely quiet and shy. I stopped taking my medication, ignoring the recommendations of my psychiatrist. I gained weight, healthily of course, and I felt better about myself. I felt “normal” and I felt amazing. But, what is “normal”?

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

Genesis 1:27 NIV

We have a social bias that claims that anyone that is different from us is abnormal. But I want to challenge your thinking. We are all made in the imago dei. This means we are all created in the image of God. So, with this knowledge, are any of us really different? The person with autism, the person with Down’s, and the person with no mental difference are all the image of God. God doesn’t see these people as different. I genuinely believe that when we start treating those that we see as “different” as normal, we will then become a better society. Jesus ate amongst lepers, people that were marginalized because of their physical and mental differences. May we show the love of God on a daily basis to those who are different than us, no matter the cost.  

P.S. I haven’t posted in a while, I am aware of that. I have been fighting sickness for about  three weeks now and haven’t had time to post. More content will be coming soon.